Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's been a long time.-Navy life.

I fell off my blogging horse. Like so many other things. lol. Life got in the way. Homecoming came and went. It was wonderful. No surprises there. I made it through my husband being deployed. Like the way I worded that? I don't want anyone getting their panties in a twist, but YES I MADE IT THROUGH DEPLOYMENT! Fuck you if you don't like the way I said it. Get off your high horse and suck it! lol  I've read a lot of horse shit from a lot of different people.Who say that wives shouldn't say that. Well up yours buddy. You've not the one who has to do it. It's like people without kids telling me what I should and shouldn't be doing. HA!  You'll eat those words. Don't hate on me, because I'm strong enough to be a mother and a father, handle the fiances like a champ and live without the one I love, while constantly worrying about where he is and whether or not he's safe. I'm proud of me and that's what matters. I have another one is store for me,but like everything else. I'll knock it out the park!
P.s. I didn't move back to Va. More on that later.-Mie.